About Us

Welcome to Sky Insurance! We are a New and Innovative insurance agency that exists to get YOU the best possible auto insurance coverage at the very best rates. Starting with low down payments to providing payment options online, monthly EFT, payment by phone, or credit card. At Sky, we work hard to partner with the absolute best providers in the Insurance Industry to make sure that we get you the best possible coverage for your vehicle. Getting an auto insurance policy with Sky Insurance means getting personal attention. A knowledgeable agent will help you understand your options so you can select the coverage that's right for you. Sky is in business to serve you. We are a small, agile, customer service-focused agency, so you'll always have an agent there for you when you need us. Sky Insurance strives to provide the highest quality of customer service to its policyholders. We make every effort to raise the customer satisfaction bar in all areas of our business practices. Sky works for YOU!